About Us

PROMERGENT is a process, change and document management software and services provider that features comprehensive domain expertise in Power Generation & Distribution, Federal Government, Manufacturing and Telecommunications. Working closely with our customers, PROMERGENT provides cost-effective systems based on business objectives, best practices and proven technologies.

Our customers have realized significant ROI in our process, change and document management solutions by taking advantage of our extensive domain expertise, proven project methodology, and unequalled product knowledge in the key technologies of configuration management, document management and workflow.


We put the focus on people first by designing and implementing great user experiences to meet our customer's needs.


We help our customers succeed by improving and automating their business processes.


Data is the lifeblood of a modern business and our mission is to make it securely accessible for the long term.

PROMERGENT's Eden Architecture

PROMERGENT is focused on providing innovative process, change and document management solutions for commercial and government enterprises. Our combined technical and domain expertise enables us to deliver industry validated solutions using the latest appropriate technologies and methodologies which ensure immediate and identifiable returns on investment.


Eden Application Server

PROMERGENT's Eden Application Server™ is a highly-optimized JEE-based process, change and document management development platform. Dynamic workflow, data, logic and presentation engines power your enterprise to efficiencies never before realized.

  • Architecture: PROMERGENT's Eden Application Server™ is a highly-optimized workflow and application development platform. Dynamic workflow, data, logic and presentation engines power your enterprise to efficiencies never before realized. Modular by design and powered by Java™ J2EE and XML, this rich application development and deployment framework provides the enterprise with never-ending development and connectivity options.
  • Dynamic Workflow: Design the flow. Define the roles. Apply the business rules. Develop web-based applications that conform to your company's business processes using Eden's dynamic workflow engine. Create and apply the business rules to your custom application. Eden's object-oriented design allows for quick and easy modifications to the application.
  • Interactive Forms: Transform your paper forms into powerful applications. Powerful presentation tools included with PROMERGENT's Eden Application Server™ allow for the creation of exact duplication of your paper forms with built-in error checking,formatting for printing and more.
  • Granular Security: Let the business rules dictate who is authorized to view your sensitive data. Eden™ provides tight control over read, write and modify permissions. Synchronize with network directory services for seamless integration with your network infrastructure.
  • Internet Standards: No more client-side installs - PROMERGENT's Eden Application Server is based on Internet standards. Build your applications using Internet standards: HTML, JavaScript, XML and Java™ Servlets/JSP. Eden allows for multiple input and output device types without modification to your application.

Eden Application Builder

Design, build and deploy Web-based applications with PROMERGENT's rapid application development tool, Eden Application Builder™.

  • Design, Build, Deploy: Eden Application Builder's easy-to-use interface will enable your company's subject matter experts (SME) to quickly design, build and deploy sophisticated web-based applications without draining the resources of your IT department.
  • Workflow: The Eden Application Builder™ workflow tool provides the capabilities to easily design, build and deploy: Multiple workflows (and sub-workflows); Workflow steps; User roles; Business rules; Programmatic actions; Presentation and data output; Application and end-user security
  • Drag and Drop Interface: Create workflow, design database schemas and create presentation screens with Eden Application Builder. Designed for the SME, Eden Application Builder provides the tools necessary to design, build and deploy web-based applications that can contain workflow, dynamic content and integration with legacy systems- all at the click of a mouse.
  • Presentation Design: PROMERGENT's Eden Architecture™ separates presentation from business logic, enabling presentation designers to build front-end application designs without having to learn a programming language. Presentation designers can implement user displays using HTML and JavaScript for page layout, graphics and form validation; Java™ Server Pages for custom tags and XML/XSLT for display device independence.
  • Data Driven: Eden Application Builder provides the SME with all of the tools necessary to manage database schemas and data entry forms without programming. All applications built with Eden Application Builder on PROMERGENT's Eden Architecture are 100% data driven, providing the ultimate in flexibility, security and maintenance.


PROMERGENT's Professional Services organization provides a wide range of professional services and expertise needed to successfully implement our products ensuring the return on investment and reliability you expect. We take particular pride in the skills and technology transfer that we provide to our customers for the on-going development, maintenance and enhancement of their systems.

Domain expertise

At PROMERGENT, we have amassed a wealth of continually evolving process, change and document management knowledge from our experience solving complex enterprise-wide problems for a wide range of government and commercial clients.

Our 95 - 5 philosophy

95% PROMERGENT domain expertise
+ 5% PROMERGENT technology
100% Complete process, change and document management solution.

Requirements change

Your requirements are unique. Our expertise is unique. PROMERGENT's industry validated solutions are based on a solid foundation of domain expertise (95% of the solution) implemented by our superior technology (5% of the solution). PROMERGENT can provide the domain expertise and technology to ensure your process, change and document management investment is a lasting success.

Customers change

As domain experts in the application and design of enterprise process, change and document management, we can provide the perfect custom solution that will grow with you.

The rules change

Your unique business requirements spell disaster for vendors who provide a "technology only" solution. You need someone with the domain expertise to assist you in applying and integrating the technology into your business. PROMERGENT provides industry validated domain expertise and leading-edge technology.

You can manage change

Contact us today for more information on how PROMERGENT can solve your process, change and document management needs. Accelerate your success... at the speed of change™.

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission image


PROMERGENT's mission is to dramatically enhance the quality of our customers' products and services by providing world-class process, change and document management software solutions and services. We continue our profitable growth by employing constant improvement techniques and methodologies to our products and service offerings to ensure our customers needs will always be met.

Focusing on specific sets of applications for specific markets, we have become experts in process, change and document management applications for government, nuclear, utilities, manufacturing and petrochemical markets.

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PROMERGENT will become the leader of process, change and document management solutions, delivered by our expert employees, proven technologies, best practices, and strategic business partners. We are passionate about our customers and will provide the products and services needed for their success.

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PROMERGENT is a value driven company. We expect these values of each other and ourselves and believe that our customers deserve nothing less.

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Respect


Portrait of Robert J. Daino

Robert J. Daino - CEO & President

Robert J. Daino, founder, president and chief executive officer of PROMERGENT, has more than 18 years of CM and IT experience with software and hardware development for the U.S. Navy, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and a multitude of commercial businesses.

A recognized CM expert worldwide, Daino is often requested to speak at conferences, including the prestigious first International Automated Configuration Management Conference, many Washington D.C. CM conferences and the Tenth Annual Software Technology Conference, the largest software technology conference in the U.S.

Portrait of Pamela Gori

Pamela Gori - CFO & Executive Vice President

Pamela M. Gori serves as executive vice president and chief financial officer at PROMERGENT, where she has served since her appointment in 1995. She is responsible for PROMERGENT's corporate finance and administration including: budgeting, financial planning, accounting, contract administration, tax planning compliance, purchasing and payroll. Prior to joining the company, Gori, a C.P.A., served as a tax partner at Fust, Charles, Chambers and Harfosh, LLP.


PROMERGENT is committed to making a difference in the local community, and we understand the importance of giving back.

PROMERGENT employees eagerly drive participation in events with organizations such as WCNY, Catholic Charities, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity. We enjoy the opportunity to contribute to the general well-being of the area in which we live and work.

PROMERGENT's participation in WCNY's membership campaigns has raised thousands of dollars in donations. Each December, PROMERGENT sponsors a family through the Catholic Charities Christmas Giving Program, providing the family members with gifts on their wish list.