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PROMERGENT's Professional Services organization provides a wide range of professional services and expertise needed to successfully implement our products ensuring the return on investment and reliability you expect. We take particular pride in the skills and technology transfer that we provide to our customers for the on-going development, maintenance and enhancement of their systems.

95-5 Philosophy Introducing our 95 - 5 philosophy

At PROMERGENT, we have amassed a wealth of continually evolving process, change and document management knowledge from our experience solving complex enterprise-wide problems for a wide range of government and commercial clients.

Requirements change

Your requirements are unique. Our expertise is unique. PROMERGENT's industry validated solutions are based on a solid foundation of domain expertise (95% of the solution) implemented by our superior technology (5% of the solution). PROMERGENT can provide the domain expertise and technology to ensure your process, change and document management investment is a lasting success.

Customers change

As domain experts in the application and design of enterprise process, change and document management, we can provide the perfect custom solution that will grow with you.

The rules change

Your unique business requirements spell disaster for vendors who provide a "technology only" solution. You need someone with the domain expertise to assist you in applying and integrating the technology into your business. PROMERGENT provides industry validated domain expertise and leading-edge technology.

You can manage change

Contact us today for more information on how PROMERGENT can solve your process, change and document management needs. Accelerate your success... at the speed of change™.