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Outside plant facilities management
This application is a perfect complement to Geographic Information System (GIS) projects. Many utilities are undergoing major projects to convert all of the outside plant, or network service information, into an intelligent GIS application. This technology can offer huge benefits long term, by providing everything from billing information to equipment installation history, all under one system. Unfortunately, the loading of this data does not always help to reduce the near-term backlog of work documentation that needs to be updated in order to implement changes in the field. This is where our Outside Plant Facilities Management (OSP-FM) solution comes in. PROMERGENT provides a system that combines document control functionality with drawing editing tools that are both easy-to-use and high-speed. This combination provides a system that can not only reduce the backlog of documentation associated with fieldwork but also provides 'intelligence' that can be later used in the GIS application.

PROMERGENT has implemented this solution at Qwest Telecommunications with over 3,000 users currently using the system.

In addition, the PROMERGENT OSP-FM application has been integrated with ESRI ArcView software to provide access to the underlying document vault from directly inside of ArcView.

Central office engineering drawing management
In any telecommunications company, the key to growing business comes through both adding new customers and providing more services to your existing ones. Both of these create demands on the current equipment infrastructure. Central office engineering relies on many drawings to manage and change this equipment configuration. These drawings include equipment rack drawings, vendor supplied drawings, tabular connection drawings and many others types. These documents have existed for decades in the form of aperture cards, blueprints, CAD and other formats.

For your business to meet the changing technology and capacity requirements, central office equipment needs to be modified. The drawings provide the design and documentation for these modifications, but they can just as easily hold up the changes as facilitate them. Many telecommunications companies have outsourced the editing of these drawings. The problem of managing these drawings as they travel in and out of the company makes it difficult for engineers and posters (drafting personnel) to do their jobs as so much of the needed information is "out for work."

PROMERGENT has created a central office engineering application that can help solve these problems and let you get on with the business of meeting your customers needs for new capacity and services offerings. First of all drawings are scanned and become electronic, allowing edit access anywhere in the world without concern for shipping and tracking. Once scanned, they can also be edited using easy-to-use engineering editing tools. This reduces the time to make changes whether the drafting is being modified in-house, outside by a local vendor, or overseas. At the same time, with the editing being done on-line, at any instant you know which drawings are checked out and under edit and which ones are completed.

Contact us to learn more about who is using this application and how it can help you build your business.