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Nuclear & fossil fuel plant records management
Perhaps our best known solution is our plant records management application which has been tailored to meet the needs of both nuclear and fossil fuel plants. This application was recently selected by four (4) major electrical utilities to manage all of the records associated with the operation of their plant facilities. While many software products claim to be used by utility plants, our solution is much more than simply software products. It includes software, plant configuration oriented application tables, integration tool kits and conversion services to manage legacy data.

Nuclear overview
Nuclear utilities face many challenges with respect to managing the complete records and information management needs of a nuclear plant. These challenges may include the need to consolidate multiple legacy systems, the need to maintain information and records from a system that is no longer supported by any vendor, and other challenges too numerous to mention. Utilities undertaking a nuclear information and records management project realize that this type of project is challenging due to the number of existing data sources that may be merged, and the fact that an existing, successfully deployed system must be replaced with similar functionality. Each of these challenges is compounded by the business needs associated with refueling outages and normal day-to-day business operations. PROMERGENT understands the many business and technical requirements of the nuclear industry and minimizes the risk associated with undertaking a nuclear information and records management project. PROMERGENT's approach assures the success of a nuclear information and records management solution.

A nuclear industry solution
Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to document management, the PROMERGENT solution has been designed to meet specific business requirements associated with an information and records management system for nuclear operating plant customers. These business processes include, but are not limited to, the following:

However, meeting the business requirements is only half of the battle when implementing a system. It is critical that users accept and utilize the solution. PROMERGENT has made enhancements to our solution to help ensure user acceptance including display of related document sets and a completely integrated view, markup and print system. Additionally, our solution is proven to be scalable to meet the nuclear industry's demanding needs. For example, the US West Cimage installation in Denver now supports over 3,000 full-time production users, with print volumes as high as 15,000 sheets per day.

This type of experience has taught us exactly what types of architecture can guarantee the scalability, reliability and performance of such a demanding system. Installations at Public Service Electric & Gas of New Jersey, Texas Utilities and Wisconsin Electric Power Company confirm our nuclear solution and approach.

Figure 1 - Automatic display of document
sets and related change paper
Figure 2 - One 'out-of-the-box' product for integrated view, markup and print