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Facilities & configuration management
Government facilities have many types of documentation that need to be managed, distributed and retained. Too often the knowledge of operations, equipment and documentation rests with the few select individuals who were involved in the original purchase and implementation of facility items. Over time, the changing makeup of the facility workforce often leaves the majority of personnel with little or no knowledge of equipment or systems. Yet at the same time, government regulations require that information be both easily accessible and retained for records management purposes.

PROMERGENT has created a facilities and configuration management solution that provides one electronic system to collect, distribute and archive all formats of information. This system is being used to manage everything from public works construction documents to digital signature codes. The PROMERGENT solution is fully compliant with the government's standard for records retention (DoD 5015.2). When the system is used as a repository for information, these records can be assigned retention periods. Any type of record from CAD files, from database records to correspondence, can be easily accessed via the web, by office applications or by email, and automatically catalogued for eventual destruction.

The PROMERGENT solution is currently installed in the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFACENGCOM) and is being used in many locations around the world to manage contracts, environmental records, construction information and purchasing documentation. The FAA and the Defense Finance & Accounting Service group of the federal government are also using this system to save both time and money in the handling of their records.

Engineering change management
To meet the needs of your customers, you have to create an organization that embraces change, rather than resents it. As any design progresses, changes are inevitable. Specifications change, clarifications are provided, and items often need to be modified to meet specific conditions. Eliminating changes is not a battle you are likely to win; instead it is better to focus on minimizing the cost associated with implementing these changes. Everyone knows that the earlier changes are communicated and planned for, the lower the cost of making the change. PROMERGENT understands these issues and has created an engineering change management application that solves these problems using a combination of document management and automated workflow.

All documentation associated with a project is stored on-line, and anyone involved in reviewing, approving and implementing a change will follow a controlled process. Maximum flexibility to meet your organization's specific change processes is provided using a graphical modeling tool. Authorized users can also modify the process, even after a change has begun. Change requests can be prioritized, as often there may be an emergency item needing immediate review and approval.

Users participate through a forms interface, with the associated documentation contained in attached folders. There are typically two classes of folders: documents for change and documents for reference. A graphical status tool is also available to show the state of any change that is in process. Users can choose their preferred interface through email, desktop application, or via a web browser.

Tired of being driven by unplanned changes? Let us show you how to drive your business through efficient engineering change management.

Capital improvement projects & permit planning
Now more than ever, government agencies are asked to deliver more to their customer with less... less funding, less people and less time. The effects of this are felt at all levels of an organization.

For a City Manager, there are difficulties locating documents when responding to a lawsuit, difficulties in managing and maintaining an ever increasing amount of documents, and frustration in trying to maintain and locate old, deteriorating records.

For an Information Resource Director, there are difficulties implementing and supporting numerous point solutions, difficulties integrating an electric document management system solution with point and other systems, and frustration with how difficult and expensive it is to use their current document management system.

For the City Engineer, there are difficulties managing the paper trail associated with permits, difficulties retrieving associated inspection documents, and frustration in managing the documentation associated with capital improvement projects -- whether it is exchanging documents with contractors, design firms, architects or engineers.

The PROMERGENT solution addresses these particular issues for contracts, real estate, permits, capital improvement, city clerks and law enforcement agencies. Our solution manages all documents associated with capital improvement projects, manages transmittals and document exchange with contractors, provides secure document vault access for contractors, and allows a user to view files in many formats. The Document and Records management solution features a centralized document vault, full text retrieval, volume printing, document check-in and check-out, revision control, records retention management, permit system integration, GIS integration, workflow, web-enabled remote access and email integration.