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Corrective Action

Integrate electronic problem reporting, change management and automated workflow with XStream's powerful closed-loop corrective action system. Realize significant productivity gains with electronic notification and online review boards that eliminate the need for sit-down meetings.

XStreamô delivers an innovative automated configuration management solution that is flexible to meet the needs of both large and small projects.

Reporting and Metrics

Track online review boards, manage costs, review schedules, conduct technical impact assessments and manage costs in real-time to provide your enterprise with instantaneous, automated results.

Generate standard reports from XStream's report templates, or create your own with XStream's report writer to get the metrics that you need to guide your organization.

Authentic Closed-Loop CM

XStream is a proven integrated configuration management (CM) system that provides enforcement of a closed-loop CM process that is configurable on a configuration item basis.

XStream's seamless integration into the engineering process allows the organization to focus on what it does best while necessary management information is collected, analyzed and managed so that project managers and your customers can be assured that all system requirements are being met and processes followed.

Status Accounting

Bind change authorization and implementation information to baseline management for accurate, up-to-the-minute, closed-loop status accounting.

Accounting mechanisms provide comprehensive analysis to identify bottlenecks and areas of risk within the process to support timely and effective management intervention. With XStream you can have as much (or as little) visibility into the process as you need.


XStream provides enterprise-wide configuration management for your business.
Our closed-loop, enterprise solution seamlessly encompasses the four configuration management disciplines: configuration identification, configuration control, configuration status accounting and configuration audits. XStream's highly collaborative environment provides an open interface to facilitate integration throughout your business enterprise.