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PROMERGENT's Eden Application Server™ is a highly-optimized workflow and application development platform. Dynamic workflow, data, logic and presentation engines power your enterprise to efficiencies never before realized. Modular by design and powered by Java™ J2EE and XML, this rich application development and deployment framework provides the enterprise with never-ending development and connectivity options.

Dynamic Workflow

Design the flow. Define the roles. Apply the business rules. Develop web-based applications that conform to your company's business processes using Eden's dynamic workflow engine. Create and apply the business rules to your custom application. Eden's object-oriented design allows for quick and easy modifications to the application.

Interactive Forms

Transform your paper forms into powerful applications. Powerful presentation tools included with PROMERGENT's Eden Application Server™ allow for the creation of exact duplication of your paper forms with built-in error checking, formatting for printing and more.


Metrics and more metrics. Create and save your own reports with Eden's built-in report generation tool for tracking and analysis of your business processes. Discover where the bottlenecks are for optimum process improvement.

Granular Security

Let the business rules dictate who is authorized to view your sensitive data. Eden™ provides tight
control over read, write and modify permissions. Synchronize with network directory services for
seamless integration with your network infrastructure.

Internet Standards

No more client-side installs - PROMERGENT's Eden Application Server is based on Internet standards. Build your applications using Internet standards: HTML, JavaScript, SOAP, XML and Java™ Servlets/JSP. Eden allows for multiple input and output device types without modification to your application.