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Product Overview

CMCentral™ is the first of its' kind configuration and change management solution specifically designed to leverage the power of process to handle the complexities of managing both hardware and software assets within a single system. Developed by domain experts with extensive experience in the Defense and Aerospace industries CMCentral™ manages each and every facet associated with change from the initial change request right through product release.

Scalable across any enterprise, large or small, CMCentral™ operates innocuously freeing anyone involved in the change process from having to worry about whether or not they follow the correct procedures, allowing them to concentrate on their task at hand. Powerful metrics and flexible reporting provide insight into individual actions and their status, all the while assuring ownership, handoffs and approvals do not fall through the cracks.

CMCentral™ provides all essential change management functionality - configuration management, change management, version management, baseline management, process management and sandbox management - right out of the box. Based on a common inbox metaphor, our intuitive, easy-to-use interface was designed so that you are never more then "2 Clicks" away from any critical action you need to perform. Taking full advantage of the underlying power of Eden, CMCentral™ allows you to reach across the enterprise and manage all of your CM processes with one tool eliminating the need for disjointed point solutions.

Additionally, because our domain expertise and Best Practices are reflected throughout the product, CMCentral™ can be rapidly implemented and is very easy to use, ensuring a quick ROI for the entire organization.

Features at a Glance

Closed Loop Corrective Action Technology
With CMCentral™'s built-in Closed Loop Corrective Action technology, organizations are now able -- using pre-built off-the-shelf components -- to model the entire "Lifecycle of Change" from initial request through resolution. Leveraging Eden's powerful process and CLCA Component™ capabilities, CMCentral™ enables you to manage, authorize and track modifications to any hardware or software asset that needs to be under tight change control.

Complete support for CCB Review Boards and the ability to handle multiple issue types (Change Requests, Problem Reports, etc.) allow you analyze issues, monitor progress, and more effectively and pro-actively manage change or problem resolution.

Configuration Item (CI) Management
CMCentral™ provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating and managing these complex structures and their associated interdependencies. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to define hieratical product structures and all sub-elements to be managed regardless of their document types. Full branching is supported to handle the realities and complexities of managing multiple code streams.

Baseline Management
CMCentral™ provides complete baseline management support including automated baseline generation, merging and comparing (using a visual difference tool). All baselines are stored securely in the system with all of their relevant asset information including relationships and dependencies. Operations such as rollback recovery are easily facilitated for either build or QA purposes.

Built-in Repository Management
CMCentral™ provides a complete enterprise class repository that includes features such as version control, check-out/check-in, audit history and advanced search capabilities. Content, either structured or unstructured, can be stored in any format including documents, web pages, XML files, rich media, etc. Our powerful versioning capabilities enable you to support parallel development with multiple "Active" versions. Upon check-in the system automatically compares files and resolves any potential version conflicts.

Process Tracking and Audit Trails
A fundamental requirement of any change management system is robust status accounting. CMCentral™ automatically tracks each and every activity across the enterprise regardless of team member location. Comprehensive audit trails are logged as every individual performs their specific tasks. If desired, automatic email notification keeps other team members apprised of new or completed activities minimizing productivity bottlenecks and fostering better team collaboration.

Sandbox Management
Because CMCentral™ was designed to handle both hardware and software, it comes complete with "Sandbox" or "Workspace" management. The developer simply checks-out files to his or her local machine and performs their task. At check-in, CMCentral™ remembers the exact location of the files, performs a consistency check and if appropriate checks them back into the system under proper version control.

Third Party & Legacy Integration
Using Eden Application Builder you have complete accessibility at an API level to develop custom interfaces to support your unique legacy environment including ERP, PDM, Content and Document Management systems. This is critical to many organizations that have made existing investments in other enterprise technologies and desire to leverage them for maximum business benefit.