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Design . Build . Deploy

Eden Application Builder's easy-to-use interface will enable your company's subject matter experts (SME) to quickly design, build and deploy sophisticated web-based applications without draining the resources of your IT department.


The Eden Application Builder™ workflow tool provides the capabilities to easily design, build and deploy:

Drag and Drop Interface

Create workflow, design database schemas and create presentation screens with Eden Application Builder. Designed for the SME, Eden Application Builder provides the tools necessary to design, build and deploy web-based applications that can contain workflow, dynamic content and integration with legacy systems - all at the click of a mouse.

Presentation Design

PROMERGENT's Eden Architecture™ separates presentation from business logic, enabling presentation designers to build front-end application designs without having to learn a programming language.

Presentation designers can implement user displays using HTML and JavaScript for page layout, graphics and form validation; Java™ Server Pages for custom tags and XML/XSLT for display device independence.

Data Driven

Eden Application Builder provides the SME with all of the tools necessary to manage database schemas and data entry forms without programming. Oracle™ 8i & 9i, Microsoft™ SQL Server 2000 and IBM™ DB2 are supported. All applications built with Eden Application Builder on PROMERGENT's Eden Architecture are 100% data driven, providing the ultimate in flexibility, security and maintenance.