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Education Services

Our Philosophy on Training

The role of PROMERGENT's Educational Services is more than simply training in the use of our products. The ultimate goal is to provide the knowledge, expertise and comfort level necessary to take advantage of the benefits that a PROMERGENT solution can provide.

This knowledge transfer ensures developers, business analysts, project managers and others understand the application of our products, as well as recognize its application within their unique business environment. Courses cover all aspects of the product suite by combining presentations with hands-on, skills-based instruction. Designed for both technical and non-technical staff, students can attend classes that are appropriate to their background and job classification.

Optimizing Your Technology Investment

PROMERGENT offers a comprehensive selection of technical education and consulting services, from introductory courses and technical forums, to educational consulting. These services, provided at your site or from our headquarters in Syracuse NY, allow companies to maximize their Information Management solutions.

At PROMERGENT, we provide each new customer with an Educational Services Plan that includes an assessment of training needs based on staff size, locations, skill sets, roles and responsibilities. Our philosophy is that you take only the portions of classes needed, which results in less time spent in the classroom. Our customers save money, increase retention, improve productivity, and elevate user acceptance. Contact PROMERGENT today to find out how to optimize your technology investment.

A Full Range of Educational Services

Standard Product Training

PROMERGENT course developers and instructors work closely with product development, so you get up-to-the-minute information that only an insider can provide; including the latest tips, techniques and trends. In addition, we train on your application! Courses cover all aspects of your solution by combining presentations with hands-on, skills-based instruction.

Customized Application Training

PROMERGENT recognizes the nuances of your industry in relation to your business process, and teaches each class based on these. Every PROMERGENT class is unique to each customer!


This knowledge transfer ensures developers, business analysts, project managers and others understand the application of your technology, as well as recognize the implications within your unique business environment. In addition, the training focuses on the principles of adult education theories and practices.

Core Team Training

The project team members get a head start in the requirements phase after going through our Core Team Training, which provides an overview of functions, features and terminology as they apply to the customer application.

Needs and Post-Training Assessment

PROMERGENT will help determine how to best implement a training initiative through our Needs Assessment Program. In addition, we can measure the success of all your training efforts by administering Post-Training evaluations!

Customized Training Materials and HTML

In addition to course manuals, PROMERGENT can provide Quick Reference Guides and custom-designed handouts. On-line help tools maximize user efficiency by providing information specific to your business process.

Educational Consulting

Contact PROMERGENT today for all your educational services needs.

Note: If you are unable to find a training course that matches your requirements, please contact PROMERGENT at 1.315.414.9855 to arrange a customized training course.